it's a boy

Ini adalah kisah seorang bayi mungil yang kini sudah beranjak Balita. Dia lahir tepat tanggal 29 Mei 2012 di RS Saiful Anwar Malang dengan perjuangan sang Mommy yang harus menahan sakitnya sesar. Nama lengkapnya adalah Mechael Alif le Phicy. Dia biasa dipanggil Mecha, it's a damn cool name, haha

Semoga jadi anak sehat, kuat, pembela kebenaran dan keadilan. Happy birthday Mecha..

1-4 months

  • Drooling begins
  • Good head control
  • Sits with support
  • Bears some weight on legs when held upright
  • Raises head and chest off surface to a 90 degree angle
  • Rolls from back to side
  • Explores and plays with hands
  • Tries to reach for objects but overshoots
  • Grasps objects with both hands
  • Eye-hand coordination begins
  • Makes consonant sounds
  • Laughs
  • Enjoys being rocked, bounced or swung

5-8 months

  • Sits well without support
  • Bears weight on legs and may stand holding on to furniture
  • Adjusts posture to reach an object
  • Picks up objects using index, fourth, and fifth finger against thumb
  • Able to release objects
  • Pulls string to obtain object
  • Reaches for toys that are out of reach
  • Listens selectively to familiar words
  • Begins combining syllables like “mama” and “dada” but does not attach a meaning
  • Understands the word no (but does not always obey it!)
  • Dislikes diaper change and being dressed

9 - this day

  • Walks with one hand held
  • May stand alone and attempt first steps alone
  • Sits down from standing position without help
  • Attempts to build two block tower but may fail
  • Turns pages in a book
  • Follows rapidly moving objects
  • Says three or more words other than “mama” or “dada”
  • Comprehends the meaning of several words
  • Repeats the same words over & over again
  • Imitates sounds, such as the sounds dogs and cats make
  • Recognizes objects by name
  • Understands simple verbal commands
  • Shows affection
  • Shows independence in familiar surrounding
  • Clings to parents in strange situation
  • Searches for object where it was last seen

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